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Why are we asking you to fill out this buyer questionnaire? Providing 5-star service means knowing our buyers well! By getting to know your preferences in different ways (through this survey, through home preference selections, through taking you on home tours), I can help you find your dream home more quickly. Juan can also quickly identify a home suited for you as soon as it comes on the market. We want to provide a home buying experience that is uniquely tailored to YOU. Additionally, this buyer questionnaire will jumpstart your home search by helping you really narrow down and put into writing the specifics you need in a home, which is always a good first step! Of course, it’s okay if your wants and needs change as you look at homes in person. But during the process if you’re having trouble selecting a home, the answers from this questionnaire can serve as a reminder of your initial desires. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this information. As the #1 buyer’s agent in Bloomington, I will work with you to close on the perfect home for you!